THROUPLE: read triad . Etymology: A neologism coined by incorporating aˆ?coupleaˆ? and aˆ?threeaˆ?

THROUPLE: read triad . Etymology: A neologism coined by incorporating aˆ?coupleaˆ? and aˆ?threeaˆ?

UNICORN: Colloquial; practices: In principal polyamory culture, always used of a hypothetical woman who is prepared to date both people in a current partners, consent not to have any connections aside from those making use of couple, agree not to become intimately associated with one member of the happy couple unless others member of the happy couple is also there, and/or accept move around in with all the few. So-named because individuals ready to say yes to these preparations tend to be vanishingly uncommon, whereas couples interested in a lady that will accept to these conditions are incredibly common. ( Notation: in moving , a unicorn are, usually, a bisexual feminine just who seeks male/female people for intercourse gamble at swinger parties and independently, choosing to getting with both at the same time (MFF), but beholden to neither whilst pertains to intimate or intimate fidelity. Source: SpecialKs on

VEE: Colloquial A polyamorous relationship regarding three anyone, for which anyone are romantically or intimately involved in two lovers who are not romantically or sexually a part of both. Read in addition triad, pivot; See appropriate quad, N.

VETO: an union agreement, most frequent in prescriptive primary/secondary connections, gives one individual the power to get rid of another personaˆ™s additional relationships, or perhaps in some instances to disallow some certain activity, such as for instance some particular sexual or A«BDSMA» -related task. A veto could be total, in which one mate may deny another partneraˆ™s extra interactions unconditionally, or may be conditional and used most in order to indicate a critical issue in a relationship. Commentary: not totally all polyamorous realize or enable veto electricity. Veto is actually popular in primary/secondary connection designs, especially in partnership options in which a well established few was searching for further couples. Veto is typically limited merely to the primary partners, and a relationship which grants a veto capacity to a secondary spouse is uncommon when you look at the serious.

WOMANISM, WOMANIST: From Alice Walkeraˆ™s Definition of a aˆ?Womanistaˆ? from looking for the Mothersaˆ™ Gardens: Womanist Prose copyright laws 1983.

1. From womanish . (Opp. of aˆ?girlish,aˆ? in other words. frivolous, reckless, maybe not serious.) A black feminist or feminist of tone. Through the black folk appearance of mom to feminine young ones, aˆ?you performing womanish,aˆ? i.e., like a female. Typically discussing outrageous, audacious, brave or willful actions. Wanting to know many in deeper depth than is regarded as aˆ?goodaˆ? for one. Interested in adult doings. Behaving developed. Getting developed. Interchangeable with another black people term: aˆ?You wanting to feel grown.aˆ? Responsible. In control. Major .2. Also: a female who really loves various other female, sexually and/or nonsexually. Values and favors womenaˆ™s community, womenaˆ™s emotional mobility (values rips as organic counterbalance of laughter), and womenaˆ™s energy. Often really likes specific males, intimately and/or nonsexually. Devoted to success and wholeness of entire folks, male and female. Not a separatist, except regularly, for wellness. Usually a universalist, as with: aˆ?Mama, why are we brown, green, and yellowish, and our cousins are white, beige and black colored?aˆ? Ans. aˆ?Really, you know the colored battle is just like a flower yard, collectively shade rose displayed.aˆ? Typically capable, as in: aˆ?Mama, Iaˆ™m walking to Canada and Iaˆ™m getting you and a bunch of other slaves beside me.aˆ? Respond back: aˆ?It wouldnaˆ™t be the first time.aˆ?3. Loves sounds. Really likes dancing. Adore the moon. Loves the nature. Really likes fancy and food and roundness. Really loves strive. Really likes the people. Really loves herself. Whatever. 4. Womanist is to feminist as imperial should lavender .

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